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by Georgia Concealed Carry on June 7, 2013 · 1 comment

Georgia Concealed Carry

There is an ever growing list of celebrities that are either anti-gun or pro-gun.  After the Sandy Hook shooting, many celebrities went to great lengths to grab publicity and attempt to be relevant but all they proved were that they were hypocrites.  Drawn in by great emotion, many gave in to the foolish idea that “Demand A Plan” was going to make a difference.  All the money and effort put into creating and publicizing the “Demand A Plan” commercial amounted to nothing.  Not one criminal turned in their illegal gun, not one terrorist changed their minds and sought out a peaceful means to protest their beliefs.

Among the list of top Anti-Gun celebs are..

  • Kevin Bacon contributes to anti-gun organizations
  • Matt Damon: “I actually hate guns.  They freak me out.”
  • Mark Wahlberg: “I believe Charlton Heston is America’s best villain because he loves guns so much. Maybe he should get the award for being president of the National Rifle Association.”
  • Danny DeVito
  • Sean Connery
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I’m for gun control. I’m a peace-loving guy.”
  • Sylvester Stallone: “Until America, door to door, takes every handgun, this is what you’re gonna have. It’s pathetic. It really is pathetic. It’s sad. We’re living in the Dark Ages over there.”

What surprises us most is that many of the celebrities listed above are well-known action movie stars that made their name by shooting up bad guys (okay, maybe not Danny DeVito… but the rest!).

Pro-Gun celebs..

  • Brad Pitt: “Like most Americans, I’ve grown up with them. Guns are part of our culture, our way of life. It was my dad who first showed me a gun and how to take aim. He also taught me never to point a gun at anyone.”
  • Angelina Jolie: see the image at the top of this article
  • Bruce Willis: “If you take guns away from legal gun owners then the only people who would have guns would be the bad guys.”
  • Johnny Depp: “We would just go out and line up a bunch of cans and shoot with rifles, handguns and at times, submachine guns… When I was a kid it was a controlled atmosphere, we weren’t shooting at humans… we were shooting at cans and bottles mostly. I will most certainly take my kids out for target practice.”
  • James Earl Jones: “The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose.”
  • Christian Slater: “It’s better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.”
  • Tom Selleck: NRA board member and lifelong supporter.
  • Chuck Norris
  • Charlie Daniels: “Now they’re tryin’ to take my guns away. And that would be just fine. If you take ‘em away from the criminals first I’d gladly give you mine”
  • Ted Nugent.. no clarification needed!

I can’t say that I would gladly give up my guns if all the criminals in the world gave theirs up first.. but I’d consider not carrying everywhere I go.  Guns are fun and many of us have fond memories of shooting with our fathers.

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Mike Brooks July 3, 2013 at 8:57 pm

Remember very carefully: “All Piedmont Medical facilites in Georga are 2A infringement zones”. They even claim they won’t let police officers in their facilites without turning their firearms in to a security person where the person alledgedly puts it in a vault. Since you don’t get to see them put it in a vault. I’ve been confronted in Newnan, Ga. because an ambulance driver saw me with a NAA .22 mag SA in a holster. By the time I got in the ambulance to accompany my wife to the cardiac care unit, I had put it in a vault in my pickup. I got strip searched. You would be wise to find another facility as soon as you can. Use them for emergencies, but move when you can. They would give their medical facilites to the terrorist and roll over and ask him to rub their tummies. Obedient little puppies.


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