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Chuck E Cheese

by Georgia Concealed Carry on August 26, 2013 · 0 comments

Georgia Concealed Carry

We’ve had a few people Contact Us regarding Chuck E Cheese.   Apparently they have a strict “No Weapons” sign, and this is a corporate decision.  We also did a little research (yes that’s right, we actually do a little more than sip coffee and clean our guns.. not much more, but still… ) and there are a number of gun forums that talk about this.  We also found a few news articles about crazy mothers with guns in Chuck E Cheese.  lol

This is another children’s type business that has banned firearms under the false assumption that criminals will obey their signs (we know that Toys R Us is another one).  Up until last year it was unimaginable that someone would purposely target children in mass shootings however we painfully learned that no one is off limits to a deranged mind.  Are we to assume that the Sandy Hook school forgot to put a “No Weapons” sign up?

It wouldn’t be so bad if Chuck E Cheese’s offered security or a police presence however they don’t, and they don’t even offer metal detectors (not that this would be an acceptable compromise).  Your family is not safe at Chuck E Cheese.

Georgia Concealed Carry

Over the weekend we noticed a new video from WeaponsEducation on YouTube.   We have mixed emotions about this guy… he has decent videos and speaks his mind, but this time he included his two daughters in the video.  In this day and age, I can’t say I would ever consider putting my daughter on a video and post it on the internet (there are too many sick people out there).  To each their own.

In this video he walks in while openly video taping employees.  I can’t say I blame the employees for their behavior as I probably wouldn’t want to be video taped by some strange guy who walks into my place of work.  I also can’t say that he presented the firearm community in the most positive way, but he gets his point across and we now know that Chuck E Cheese is not gun friendly.  Personally I love the part when the girl (who might weigh 100 lbs) says she will protect the children.


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