Disarm or Get Out

by Georgia Concealed Carry on August 8, 2013 · 0 comments

An emotional and retired Marine Vet, who can barely make rent very month, has been left with only two options.. give up his guns or move out.

Tenants in a Colorado apartment complex have been notified that “Firearms and Weapons are Prohibited.”  Unlike in Georgia where signs or notices like this are not legally enforceable, Colorado takes this very serious and anyone who ignores them can face serious legal issues.

A legal analyst says “The best thing this tenant can do is either move out or get rid of the guns.”

Great news.. as this article was being written, 9news.com updated the story and has said that the decision to implement this restriction has been thrown out.  Yesterday afternoon the board of directors of the Douglas County Housing Partnership held an emergency meeting and voted to not throw out the controversial gun policy.

Quoted from 9news.com,

“These community policy changes were distributed without the knowledge or authorization of the Board of Directors of the Douglas County Housing Partnership or its staff,” a Douglas County Housing Partnership release said. “This board does not support any action that infringes on an individual’s rights and will not allow Ross Management to implement these changes. The mission of the Douglas County Housing partnership is to preserve and develop safe, secure, quality housing while providing housing choices for those who have few,”

You can find the full updated story here:  http://www.9news.com/news/article/349123/339/Apartments-firearm-policy-thrown-out

Without question, 9news.com brought attention to this and is most likely the driving force that pushed board members to overturn this policy.  For once, we applaud reporters.


In a perfect world a billionaire would hire the best lawyers, bankrupt the landlord, buy the complex and rent out all the units to retired vets (for free).   We’re simple folk… well armed, but simple.

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