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GCC Has Been Absent

by Georgia Concealed Carry on February 18, 2015 · 0 comments

Georgia Concealed Carry has been absent.. and we’re sorry.

For the past few months you may have noticed that there haven’t been many updates to the website and most of your questions have gone unanswered.. and we’re very sorry.  We have worked very hard for the past few years at keeping the website updated and answered all of your questions but unfortunately some of us just got burnt out and we neglected our responsibilities.  We have never accepted sponsors or asked for money so all the work you see here is from a small team of dedicated firearm enthusiasts that donate time and effort in their spare time.  Laws change frequently and we receive 5 to 10 emails a day from people with fantastic questions regarding Georgia gun laws.  It’s hard work but it’s enjoyable work.

This will all change now.. we’re back and working harder than ever!  We have welcomed a new member to our GCC team (Kevin) who is will be taking the responsibility of managing the website, blog and forum.. and somehow making sure we all do our part and keep things moving.  Good luck Kev, you’re going to need it!

Thank you for your patience.

Georgia Concealed Carry

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