I’m Rich!!

by Georgia Concealed Carry on April 18, 2013 · 0 comments

Georgia Concealed Carry

That’s it everyone, I’m packing up my bags and moving to a mansion in the mountains!

Okay maybe not… darn scam emails!  Does anyone really fall for these anymore?  I’m sure a few people did, years ago, when these first started appearing but seriously.. does anyone fall for them?

Today we received an email saying that there is a lottery winning price of $10.5 million in my name that has been unclaimed.  Without question, if I responded to the email they would want some banking information and before you know it, my embarrassing bank balance would be $0 and I’d probably have a zillion new (maxed out I might add) credit cards in my name.

The Solution

Sadly, there are no laws to apply to these individuals… no police to track them down.  I’ve always said.. give me a special task force, sanctioned by all governments of all countries.  We will investigate 10 cases like this and track them down.  Once found, we will call all the local and national news outlets and publicly go to their homes.

Knock, knock, knock “who is it?”

We will then proceed to pull them out onto the streets by their hair and beat them to within an inch of their lives and leave them bleeding.  I guarantee by the time we’ve done this 5 or 6 times, the amount of SPAM messages and phishing emails will decrease by 50% or more.

Why So Much Passion?

Tens of thousands of elderly fall victim to these forms of scams… sucking up their retirement funds and putting them in debt.  Of course you don’t hear about it on the news although it happens every day.  Stories like this aren’t as important as taking our guns away.

My father received a phone call earlier this year from a company that claimed to be working with Microsoft and have identified a security vulnerability in his Windows operating system.  The solution?  For $200 we have software that will fix it.  Why does it seem so legitimate?  When my father questioned them, they said to go onto his computer and search for a “unique” identification code… which he did and they knew the exact numbers.  They said this proves they are authorized by Microsoft.. and to many it would sound very convincing.  The thing he didn’t know is that ALL WINDOWS COMPUTERS have that “unique” code.. so, it’s not so unique.

As a responsible gun owner, I’m saying no one should be shot.  As an irresponsible shoe owner, I’m saying someone needs my foot crammed up somewhere very unpleasant.

For those of you that didn’t look at the screen capture version of the email at the top.. here’s the email:


World Bank Assisted Programme
Directorate of International
Payment and Transfers
Audit Unit
Republic of India.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This body was set up to discover an unpaid fund being owned to Governments or Individuals all over the world through Contract Payment, Inheritance and Lottery Winning Prize Awards.

It will interest you to know that we have discovered an unpaid / unclaimed sum of Ten Million Five Hundred United States Dollars (US$10,500,000.00) in favor of your name and a mandate has been given to this body to ensure that this fund gets to you without any further delay. The funds in question had been approved in your favor for sometime now and we have sent several emails and memo to you to come forward and make the claims but you failed to respond back to us.

Note that a special payment arrangement has been made to remit this fund to you either through telegraphic transfer, online Banking or alternatively come in person to our pay office in United States of America.

You are advised to reconfirm your information by completing appropriately the attached form above for immediate release of your fund.

Thank you

Yours Truly,

Mr.Maher Benson
Auditor General

World Bank Assisted Programme for Internal & Foreign Payment/Transfer.


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