Magazine Capacity Ban?

by Georgia Concealed Carry on March 13, 2013 · 0 comments

Obama believes that banning high capacity round magazines will save lives.

After a few mass shootings last year (2012) in the United States, many anti-gun groups agree with Obama that preventing everyone from having high capacity round magazines means that lives will be spared should another mass shooting take place.  This is not only wrong, it is a massive waste of time and money as many now have to debate this incredibly stupid topic.  The most important fact is, even if they do pass this ban they shouldn’t expect criminals to take part in handing in their high capacity magazines.  Regardless of what laws they pass.. CRIMINALS WILL NOT FOLLOW THEIR NEW LAWS.  This is what makes them criminals.

According to Jerry Henry of in an interview with CNN, there are over 20,000 gun laws in the United States.. but very few of them are fully enforced.  So what’s the answer?  Obama thinks making new ones is the answer.

Piers Morgan from CNN constantly refers to the 100 round magazines you can get for a select number of guns however those magazines are incredibly large, incredibly difficult to carry around, and not practical in any situation other than an occasional use at the shooting range.

This YouTube video demonstrates how there is practically no difference between the amount of time it takes to shoot 30 rounds from two 15 round magazines VS three 10 round magazines VS five 6 round magazines.

You be the judge..


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