News Anchor Gets Educated

by Georgia Concealed Carry on August 6, 2013 · 0 comments

A news anchor from The State Journal’s Decision Makers gets educated by Keith Morgan, president of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League.  The sad part is, I don’t think the news anchor actually learned a thing, which seems to be very common in this country.  You can educate, show statistics, show evidence.. it doesn’t matter, some people are so incredibly brainwashed by the government that they can’t see the truth, even when it’s right there in front of them.


In regards to why Americans “need” AR15s, Keith Morgan quotes Federalist Papers #46 where Madison lays out the purpose for the second amendment (citizens be equally armed as standing armies).

At 2:45 the news anchor says “.. but that’s not possible today, it’s not possible that we can compete with this giant military machine.”

Really?  If every responsible citizen who is legally allowed and mature enough to handle a firearm purchased one, there isn’t a government or military in the world that could defeat us.. even our own specially trained military.


Our favorite part of the video is when the news anchor (who’s name we haven’t searched for but frankly, after seeing how brainwashed he is, it’s really not worth our time or effort to learn his name) uses the standard argument that many anti-gun nuts like to use… the comment of  “so should we be able to have nuclear bombs?” (or grenades, tanks, etc.).

At 2:19

“you know, if you’re going to talk about nuclear weapons and ridiculous arguments like that, we can terminate the interview because.. I thought you said rational, you said rational [rational conversation]?”

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