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by Georgia Concealed Carry on July 11, 2013 · 1 comment

A few weeks ago I was having dinner with my wife’s family in Florida and the topic of firearms came up.  We travel down there a fair bit and it’s fantastic that Florida recognizes our Georgia Firearm Carry Licenses, allowing us to conceal carry almost everywhere.  This is especially important as we usually spend time in and around the Miami area, and sadly the crime rates in Miami seem to be increasing year after year.

While dinning at a nice restaurant, the topic of firearms and the US Postal Service came up.  While almost everyone knows you can’t carry a firearm (concealed or openly) into a post office, it’s unknown to many that you can’t even have it in your vehicle in the parking lot.

This got me thinking.. I know you can legally secure your firearm in your vehicle at a police station or courthouse, but you can’t at a post office?  Both the police station and courthouse have armed police, and you’re allowed to have your firearm in your vehicle… but at a post office, where there are no police or armed guards, you can’t?  The one place you have no one protecting your safety is the one place you can’t even leave your firearm in your vehicle?  It’s legal to keep a firearm in a motor vehicle while parked on a college campus.. but not at the post office.

Like children becoming “desensitized” to violence because of TV, movies and computer games, many of us have become “desensitized” to the government and the restrictions they impose on us.  We learn of restrictions such as “no firearms on post office property” and we simply accept it without question.

This topic was brought up again today because of an article posted today on the Fox News website.

“A federal judge has reportedly ruled that a U.S. Postal Service regulation banning firearms in its parking lots violates the Second Amendment.”

The original news article came from the Denver Post, telling the story of Tab Bonidy who filed a lawsuit against the US Postal Service because they violate his 2nd Amendment rights by banning him from storing his gun in the public parking lot when picking up his mail.

While the federal judge rules it’s a violation of our second amendment rights, U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch says, “An individual openly carrying a firearm may excite passions, or excited passions may lead to the use of the firearm. Someone could also attempt to take the firearm from its lawful carrier and use it for criminal purpose.”   This implies that we lack self-control, that the mere sight of a firearm securely holstered on the hip of a law abiding citizen can cause mass fear or drive the weak minded to take action and commit acts of violence.

Under Matsch’s logic, should we not ban girls in short shorts or tight clothing?  Such sights may excite passions, or excited passions may lead to inappropriate thoughts or actions.


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Chris August 1, 2013 at 2:45 am

USPS is full of s***; Excuse my french. 18 USC 44 s.930 prohibits the carrying of a firearm IN a federal facility. I thought that the law specifically mentioned Post Offices, but I don’t see it explicitly mentioned anymore – perhaps to help promote the lie that USPS is a private entity not funded by our tax dollars. Even if USPS is included [as an argument could be made that a PO is not a federal facility], the prohibition would only apply inside the building.

The interesting part is…I have yet to find a Post Office that has the notice properly posted as required by 18 USC 930(h). Federal law requires notice of the law be posted conspicuously at every public entrance and states that no person shall be convicted unless the notice was posted or they were given “actual notice”. Every post office I’ve been to if it is posted, it is somewhere back near the mailboxes nowhere near the entrance.


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