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Reality Check vs Piers Morgan

by Georgia Concealed Carry on September 3, 2013 · 0 comments

Finally, the answer to the madness that some call Piers Morgan!

For months and months Piers Morgan has been interviewing various gun rights personalities and spouting the same garbage each time.


Approximately 1:10 minutes in..

How many gun murders were there in 2011 in Great Britain vs in the US?

Piers Morgan’s Answer:
In Great Britain? 35  (actual answer 59)
In the US? 11,000 (12,664 homicides but only 8,583 were caused by firearms.  Of that, 400 were justifiable homicides by law enforcement and 260 justifiable homicides by private citizens so the true answer is: 7923)
Like they say later on, it’s not surprising that Britain which has banned guns has a lower gun homicide statistic.  The best part is when you calculate the homicide rates with other countries and see that the US is ranked 28th (yes, 27 other countries have higher homicide rates than us).
Great Britain statistics:
  • The UK has the second highest overall crime rate in the EU
  • The UK has the fifth highest robbery rate
  • The UK has the fourth highest burglary rate
  • Finally, and best of all, Britain is the MOST VIOLENT country in the EU

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