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Sen. Ted Cruz vs ATF Director Nominee Hon. B. Todd Jones

by Georgia Concealed Carry on February 12, 2014 · 0 comments

Judiciary Committee SD-226

Senator Ted Cruz questions Hon. B. Todd Jones regarding the ATFs priorities and record concerning gun prosecution.

Senator Ted Cruz drills Hon. Jones with a line of questioning that reveals some pretty amazing statistics regarding the Department of Justice’s lack of enforcing current laws.  In the past year we have seen President Obama, Sen. Diane Feinstein, and many of the media outlets discuss the need for “common sense gun laws” and focusing hard on a need for a “universal background checks“, but why?  We currently have a background check system (called NICs) but you wouldn’t know if from what the President says.  They all talk about the so-called gun show loopholes and that 40% of all gun sales are performed without a background check.  The truth of the matter is that there is no gun show loophole and the statistic regarding 40% of all gun sales taking place without a background check is wrong.  The 40% statistic was somewhat accurate decades ago, prior to the current NICs background check system.  Why do they repeatedly mention these so-called facts?  Fear.  If you scare the public then they will demand a change.

The questioning of Hon. Jones that started an amazing discussion on the DoJ’s lack of effort starts with:

Cruz: “Is it a priority for the Obama Justice Department to prosecute felons and fugitives who attempt to illegally purchase firearms?”

Jones: “..It is one of the major priorities.”

Cruz: “..I would ask you to reconcile that comment that it’s a high priority with the data, and in particular with 2010, out of 48,321 felons and fugitives who attempted to illegally purchase firearms, the Department of Justice prosecuted only 44 of them.”

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