South Dakota Allowing Teachers To Carry Guns

by Georgia Concealed Carry on March 10, 2013 · 0 comments

Georgia Concealed Carry

In a recent MSN news story, South Dakota approves a law that would allow teachers to carry guns in schools.  Please note, this is not the first state to make this move to allow teachers and personnel to carry firearms in schools.  Other states include the Ohio school district, as well as Utah and Texas which are allowing armed teachers and staff.

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaar signed a bill that will allow teachers and other staff that want to carry concealed weapons to do so.

Georgia, New Hampshire and Kansas are also considering similar laws to South Dakota.

On a recent radio show (95.5) a woman called in and cried that children will somehow get their hands on the teachers firearms and shoot themselves by accident.  The absurdity of these points of views is insane.  It wasn’t very long ago that similar people were making the same claims of death and violence when Georgia considered passing laws that would allow Georgia Weapons Permit holders from carrying in restaurants that served alcohol.

“People will get drunk and shoot each other over arguments.”

.. almost 3 years later and responsible, law abiding citizens have proven what we’ve been saying all along.  Just because we have firearms doesn’t mean that we will make them our first response to every situation.

The truth of the matter is… guns have been in some of our schools for years (armed guards) and there haven’t been mass incidences.  If our teachers are respected enough to educate and mold the minds of our youth, why shouldn’t they be allowed to protect them as well?  Sandy Hook is just another example (a very sad example) of how our teachers will sacrifice themselves for our children, it only seems right that we give them the necessary tools and training to improve the chances of their success.  They are trained to teach our children after all, isn’t it best we train them to protect them as well?


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