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We stumbled upon this article today and I must say.. I don’t even know where to begin!

In an article titled “Five Concerns About Armed Guards in Schools” we are faced with another perfect example of how the media builds and spreads fear and lies.  Author of the article, Steven Strauss, says:

“Shootings in our schools are tragic, and each of us has the urge to “do something,” but I have major concerns about placing armed guards in our schools.”

He continues on to make 5 points that he finds to be very important:

  1. Armed Guards Not Likely to Prevent ALL Attacks
    Yes it’s difficult to find examples where armed guards prevented a mass shooting, most likely because the criminals knew not to target a location where there could be lethal resistance.  This is the exact reason why cities like Chicago have a much higher rate of gun violence (one of the highest in the nation).
  2. Even if Armed Guards Are Present in All Schools and Completely Effective, the Cure Might be Worse than the Disease
    He states with 100,000 schools, 75 million students, and 200 days of guarding students, there would be “lots of opportunities for deadly incidents.”  Much like many other examples, he wishes to make you believe the myth that people with guns “shoot first and ask questions later.”  This is so incredibly wrong and there are no examples of this.. but he will lead you to believe with more guards there will be a higher chance of it happening.
  3. Our Children Are Priceless, But There Are More Efficient Ways to Save Young Lives
    He will attempt to push another major issue.. cost.  He gives you a dramatic number.. $15 billion/year.  First point, if they were to give you examples of the amount of money the government wastes on various other issues that don’t involve the safety of our children, it would blow you away.  For example, (and not saying there isn’t a necessity for some of this) in 2010 the U.S. Army spent more than $10 million on D.C. conferences.  Also, it was reported that the War in Afghanistan cost over $1 billion/month.  Second point, the president of the NRA went on national television and made a fantastic point.. there are millions of retired police and millitary people that are more than qualified (and willing) to volunteer their time.
  4. Arming Custodians, Teachers and Volunteers
    This is his real reason why he believes the “cure might be worse than the disease.”  He’s forgetting the point that just the presence of guns (in many cases) can prevent tragic events from even happening.  I would continue to comment on his last comment for this point, however it is beyond unlogical (and unproven, and unintelligent, and un…).  He says “America has about 7 million teachers. If even a small percentage arm themselves, it wouldn’t take many incidents to exceed the current death toll from mass school shootings.”
  5. It’s Not Clear Why Armed Guards in Local Schools Should be a Federal Responsibility
    He’s spreading misinformation regarding something that is only being discussed and hasn’t been passed/approved/implemented.

It would have been far easier to only point out the correct information that he stated, which is that there is approximately 30,000 Americans killed each year.  That being said, he says that 60 percent of this total are suicides.. which is incorrect, only a small percentage is suicide related.  It is estimated that over 90% of the 81+ deaths by firearms per day (scary statistic) in America are caused by criminals and repeat offenders.  Mashed in the last 10% are suicides, police enforcement shootings, and justified shootings by law abiding citizens.

If Steven Strauss wants to fight for a worthy cause, I would suggest that he write an article requesting that the government ban all hands, fists, and feet.  Why?  Here are some statistics.. in 2010 there were more deaths caused by “hands, fists, feet” than rifles (which include assault rifles).  For example, in Texas there were 34 deaths caused by rifles but 109 deaths caused by hands, fists, and feet.  In Tennessee, 12 rifle deaths and 19 hands, fists, and feet.  In New Jersey, 7 rifle deaths vs 28 hands, fists, and feet.  The list goes on.

In fact… if you look at the 2010 statistics that the FBI released regarding murders in the United States, you’ll see the following breakdown of the 12,996 murders:

By Rifles: 358
By Shotguns: 373
By Knives: 1,704
By Hands, Fists, Feet, etc: 745

Note: These statistics do not indicate the reason (ie. self-defense, etc.).


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