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Submitting to Police Requests?

by Georgia Concealed Carry on September 19, 2013 · 2 comments

From time to time the question comes up… am I required by law to submit to police requests?  To show ID?  To show our Georgia Weapons License?

This video is about two individuals that have been approached by two (or more) police officers because they are open carrying their firearms in Biddeford, Maine.  Apparently someone (or multiple people) have seen them walking around, open carrying their firearms, and called the police in a panic.  Is this right?  No, but common.

While civil liberties are sometimes called into question during routine stops or being questioned regarding firearms, is it worth it?  In many cases, if the police officers are being polite and professional, is it worth fighting for your rights or simply providing professional courtesy and showing your ID or License?  In most cases the situation would prevent long detainment while you argue back and forth.. “Can I see your ID?”  “Am I required to?”  “Can I see your ID?” “Am I being detained?”

The question asked in this video, and one I’ve wondered myself, is.. has anyone openly carried a firearm prior to committing a crime?  We don’t know but we would guess that it’s rare that someone would draw such attention to themselves prior to committing any crime.

For myself, I would most likely provide the ID or License and simply have the matter put to rest quickly.  Why?  Honestly, I have nothing to hide and as long as the LEO is polite, professional and courteous, why not?  Many have argued in Georgia gun forums about this exact matter.  Many argued that unless the LEO has probable cause you don’t have to.. but if the police office has a justified belief a crime has been committed (or about to), you have to. mentions numerous times on their website if you open carry, be mindful of the image you present to the public.  Why?  Simply put in their FAQ, they vote.  Others will argue that if you fight your right to carry over the right for someone else to have peace-of-mind, you create a negative image for the rest of us.

A little professional courtesy from both sides goes a long way, after all the right to carry isn’t just about your safety and your liberties, it’s about everyone’s safety and everyone’s liberties.

What are your thoughts?

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Scott V. October 8, 2013 at 12:05 am

I have NO problem with a police officer asking me to show my permit, it might be a pain in the ass, but these 2 guys are just trying to make a point and they sure make us all look bad. Everybody has an opinion, remember police officers have a job to do, not everyone walks around with a pistol on his hip, and sure people will call in as it’s not common. So the easiest thing to do is show it and be on your way, if you are polite and they are polite, and it get back to the person that called, it represents us all in a good way and the next time the probably won’t call. A little politeness goes a long way, this kids acts like an arrogant prick. Respect the police they have a tough enough job with idiots like these guys hassling them even more. We should give police officers more authority in this area, I have seen people call them names, shoot a bird at them etc. and they can do nothing. Not a good image of our police in general. If you are in Germany or even Turkey, you must show respect to the officers or they will kick your butt, I feel that our officers are so restricted that it puts them in more danger.. Sure there are bad ones and good ones, but overall just great people trying to make a living at something they love to do (in most cases). Somebody has to do this job, so we should be thankful they like it and do it as well as they do. Let’s not make their job more difficult, if in fact they were rude and hasseled them from the start, sure I would have done the same thing, but they overall seemed very professional and should have the right to questions a person walking down the street or on the beach with a sidearm, unless off course they doing it for some other reason (i.e. race, religion etc). It’s a crazy world and it’s up to people like us to change it or move it in the right direction.


Kevin October 8, 2013 at 10:34 am

Well put Scott.

It’s true, not all cops are bad. I have a police office in the family and she has a good heart and works hard. Of course she knows some bad cops but she also works along side of many good ones.

Another thing is, and these videos always seem to pop up when this happens…. everyone has a bad day. The big difference is, when you have a bad day you aren’t necessarily in constant danger from people around you. So I suppose I can see why some LEOs come off a little rough. Is it an excuse? No.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you act like a jerk, so is the LEO. That doesn’t mean he/she wont be a jerk anyway, but you can be sure it won’t get any better if you add to it.

I suppose my question is… when did it become a violation of our rights to show a little courtesy and provide out Georgia Weapons Carry License when asked? For me, I’m proud as heck of that thing.


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