Weapons Education

by Georgia Concealed Carry on April 24, 2013 · 1 comment

We came across this video the other day and it’s great.. a little education doesn’t hurt anyone.


Direct Link: http://youtu.be/6-NOwxg4rxE
Tom goes through great effort to discuss Concealed Carry “Mistakes” (also the name of his video) where he covers all sorts of details such as blending in, not advertising, etc.  Not everyone will agree and many love to Open Carry however Tom makes a good argument for CC.  Tom says “bury it deep.”  What do you say?

Probably one of the best parts are where he covers how “you are a whole different person when you walk out that door” with a firearm.  He says “there is no such thing as road-rage, there is no such thing as getting into an argument with anybody for that matter… there is no such thing as getting upset.”

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